bigo top up


800 diamonds


USD$ 18.14

USD$ 14.59





$ 53.73

USD$ 49.47

400 diamonds $9.07

USD$ 7.34

1600 diamonds $36.27

USD$ 29.38



1. If you recharge for others, please beware of scams.
2. For Gift card items, please redeem on official websites instead of third party platforms in time.
3. Please make sure all the information in your order is correct.
4. For any other problem, please feel free to contact us.

*Professional recharge
*Delivery in minutes
*7*24 Hours onlin

Product Discription:


BIGO LIVE is a leading live streaming community to show your talents and make friends from all around the world. Come and go!


About Delivery:

1. We will recharge for your BIGO LIVE account left in your order directly.

2. Please login in your account and have a check after finishing the order.

Q1.How to recharge BIGO LIVE?

Just need your BIGO ID to recharge BIGO LIVE diamonds, then you can buy more gift on BIGO LIVE.

Q2. How to Check If Diamonds Are Added After I Recharged?

Please check the balance in “Me”-“Wallet” after you recharged, diamonds will be added in real time.

Q3. What to Do If the Diamonds Are Not Added After Recharging?

Please send feedback regarding your problem with the following information by Me-Feedback. Our customer service team will help to solve your concern.

  • Recharge amount
  • Recharge time & date
  • Screenshot of the payment receipt (showing the order number)

Q4. What to Do If I Top Up Others’ Account by Mistake?

Sorry that it is not allowed to refund, please contact the account owner to communicate about your incorrect top up to cover your loss

Q5. Why Is There Only Google Wallet as Payment Method?

Please download BIGO LIVE, then you can get more top up options based on your regions. Every time you update BIGO LIVE, if the top-up options disappear, please re-download BIGO LIVE from the official website.

Download on the App Store         Get it on Google Play


Q6. I Can’t Top Up, What Should I Do?

Google Wallet: Confirm whether your region supports Google Wallet. If you are using credit card, please make sure the card has not expired. If you are using ATM card, please make sure you have enough balance in the account. If you still cannot Top-Up, you may delete Google Play and restore.

If it cannot solve your problem, please submit your issue via “Feedback”with the following information. Our customer service will help you with it.

  1. Time & Date of Top up
  2. Top up method
  3. Screenshot of the failed notification

Q7. Why My Account is Frozen

To ensure the account safety, please top up via official channels. Any top up via non-official Third Party will lead to abnormal state of the account once it is confirmed, and your account will be frozen thereof.

If you want to unfreeze your account, please submit your issue via “Feedback” and our customer service will help you with it.

That’s all the most popular questions about BIGO TV recharge. Does this post answer your questions?

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